Tuesday, August 15, 2017

On the Road Again ~ Travelogue! #WW

It's been almost a month since I checked in
here to my home on the web AND, wow, have  I missed you!!!
We've been on the road, 
busy  traveling and racking up about 7000 miles
across this beautiful country of ours.
Uninterrupted family time was enjoyed and
many  amazing sites were seen, which I cannot wait to share with you! 
Here's a preview...
I'll be back with in-depth stories on the national parks and
recreation sites we toured !

Sunset over The Great Plains

Alien Invasion?
Roswell, NM

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM

Site of atom bomb testing
 Alamogordo, NM

The Very Large Array, basically in the middle of Nowhere, NM!
Have you seen the movie, "Contact?"
Then this will look familiar to you~

Touring the visitors' center was definitely informative and fun!
With a scientist hubby and two sons who adore the sciences too...
we were there for quite a while!

One of our very favorite places in the world!
Yup, we're back!

You might remember our crazy journey of last summer
to the depths of the canyon?

The title, I guess, says it all!
And here's a sign that still haunts me:

And here's our hike into the Canyon in 2014:
Visions of the Southwest~ 

This summer, however, I stayed up top at the South Rim
of the canyon, while my husband and boys went back in.
11 miles one way.
5200 feet in depth.
Not an easy hike. 
And this time they did it all in one day....actually 9 hours.

And here's a glimpse of our time there:

And some shots of our journey home from AZ~

Am I the only one who thinks this actually doesn't need to be stated?

Oklahomans really take their Jesus seriously!
This was one of many crosses that adorned Interstate 40

Of course, there's inevitable car trouble.
This time, a blowout in TX in the I40.

And how lucky that The Nicest Sheriff in Texas just happened
to be driving behind us on 40 headed east?
He helped us immeasurably!

What luck....

I'll be back shortly with our scrapbook on our 
annual week in the Adirondacks

Happy to link at Create with Joy  and Claire Justine for WW!

...Photos  snapped with this amazing camera, which
my boys gifted me for Mother's Day a few years ago~~

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Thank you for spending some of your precious time today
here at my home on the web! 

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  1. Thanks Theresa! And I certainly will stop by your blog!


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