Sunday, April 2, 2017

Back in the Good Old Days When I Used to Make All the Decisions ~ Lenten Ponderings < #atozbloggingchallenge >

I feel as if I'm introspective just so much for the time lately as the pages turn on the calendar and seasons flow one into the next. Lent, though, has me pondering even more deeply  about what "home" means. The liturgical seasons were always a time to live deeply and well when they were young.  Yup, past tense... "were."
 The readings, the crafts, the talks, the blank white spaces on the schedule......that all allowed us to delve deep, connect with the Lord and each other  and thoroughly explore our faith, our rituals. A huge part of Lent was the talks during ordinary routines...bedtime preparation, moving from one subject to the next in our homeschool day, car rides to violin lessons. The talks that extended the season, that brought to life and made real  our faith and connected Jesus's 40 torturous days in the desert. The minimizing of "regular" schoolwork which allowed the focus on the importance of the Lenten season made Lents past a sort of unshakeable memory that I find the boys draw on now. :
"Remember when we made those mercy crosses and thought and thought about what acts to jot on them every day?"

"How about the play dough crown of thorns we made after getting ashes that Ash Wednesday when I was seven?" 

"Hey let's look at those pictures you took that Holy Thursday years ago of us 
watercoloring crucifixion art."

"How about that book series we loved that we read every morning during Lent?"
We think at the time that we're making the season accessible and "real."  And maybe we are actually, at that moment. But are we also creating rituals that as they grow and .....I wince as I type this....they don't quite  have the time to explore, burrow and deeply live, that they can refer back to as their foundation?
  What do they envision now that they're well beyond the paintbrushes and foamie crafts of Lent, as they juggle earth shaking life issues?   
Am I keeping home, "home" and adjusting life and routines to reflect what they need now? And how do I know I'm doing "enough" if not for the tangible evidence of glue and sketchpads during these 40 days?  If a  trip to Michael's to load up on the supplies isn't involved, then what have we really got? Am I right?

Were we all so tired and hungry at last Friday's Stations of the Cross that we zoned out by Jesus falling the first time and missed the gravity and pretty much focused on the spaghetti dinner waiting in the church basement?
I really don't know.
But I do try to find solace in the words of a small nun who might answer my queries like this:
"Try to put in the hearts of your children a love for home. Make them long to be with their families. So much sin could be avoided if our people really loved their homes."
The atmosphere of home grows in the routine, the hustle and bustle and the crazy and before you realize it, you've create "home." At least I try to console myself with this, because there certainly is a boatload of crazy around here.
If we are to create home for one another, then I guess recognizing that this is the work of a lifetime is a good place to start. Today, April 2nd,  the anniversary of one of my favorite people, my forever hero, Pope Saint John Paul II, my Karol, is a good time to reach back to his words...
"Without love the family cannot love, grow and perfect itself as a community of persons” 
 Families are not accidents and family members will act the opposite of how they should. SOmetimes way too often. But home is where love lives and when nurtured and cultivated, can be powerful. I think that's "enough."
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  1. That was very thought provoking. I have to admit that what I remember most about church as a child was coloring the handouts they gave us in Sunday School. And then after church going home and having a huge Sunday dinner with the extended family.

    1. YES! Oh, those memories...they are something, aren't they?

      Thanks for stopping by Pam!

  2. Lent and Easter were so very sacred when I was growing up. I just don't see that dedication anymore. I'm glad my kids still keep it sacred. Lovely post. Pinned.

    1. That's so get to hear that your family is living the season so deeply. I love that!

      Thanks so much for pinning too.... That's so kind of you!

  3. Oh my, Chris!! I have been pondering many of these same thoughts as I'm mothering 9 kids - teens down to a baby. Wondering and hoping and praying that all this time we've put in and these traditions we've created will produce great fruit. ++Jesus, I trust in You++

    1. Yes, same how you put that---do they produce great fruit...beautifully put.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  4. I feel like things have dwindled since my older boys got older. I still remember one year requiring a period of silence on Good Friday starting at 3 p.m. I don't think it was a whole hour, but at least 15 minutes.

    Now I'd get crazed looks to suggest such a thing!

    Thank you so much for linking up with 40 Days of Seeking Him last week. If you have anything else that fits for the last days of Lent or Easter, feel free to add it here:

    1. Laura
      Thanks for visiting...I'll definitely be over to link my Holy Week post. I appreciate that you shared the link.
      ANd I do love that quiet time during Good Friday! Fantastic idea. I think I may suggest that this year!


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