Friday, March 13, 2015

Faith & Chocolate~ Goodies to Fill Those Easter Baskets! 7QTs/ #OpenBook

Halfway through Lent .....are you planning for Easter morning, Easter dinner or brunch...or maybe creating some decorating and table setting plans? I'll bet you are! The Easter Bunny has long been filling all our baskets with symbols, treats and gifts of the season........I'd love to share the books and goodies that have been are staples.....and a few that...I hear tell, some kids around here may be receiving this very Easter morn!
Here's a shot of our Faith Book Basket, which contains a few of these titles, and which we switch up to include new ones as we enter various liturgical seasons......I'm sure you have many of the same around your house as well! Enjoy ~

Imitiation of Christ
This is a pic of the Imitation that my Dad gave his sister, my aunt,  for Christmas of 1938. Yes, that's right! Look at the shape it's in, especially when you consider that Aunt Betty gave it back to Dad to carry with him when he shipped out in Feb 1942 ..
It traveled to the  occupied Philippines where he spent most of WWII, in the Pacific Theater. It's special to all of us, as you can imagine, not  simply for its content, but its history. 

Rosary Comic Book

Even though my kids are older now, we *still* use this as our main source for the order within each mystery.
 (Ya think we'd have it all down by now wouldja? Nope.)
Plus the whimsical drawings are clever.

Catholic Youth Bible
My favorite Bible....and we've tried on a lot. Guidance and "real life" applications of scripture after each Book. Awesome.

Crossing the Threshold of Hope
I bought this book for my Dad for Father's Day back when........
He read it that day and recommended it to everyone he knew, even passing acquanintances. We all know JPII had an amazing talent for writing and theater arts. But do we have his books on our shelves accessible for our kids? I realized my Dad never got his copy back from ??? and we needed a replacement! I just ordered this one for our Faith baskets!


This appeared in my kids' Easter baskets two years ago. Since then they've become intrigue even more with saints' young lives. I think the fave for each of my boys was St Dominic Savio. But there are about a dozen stories within and they are all gripping.

Paul: Tarsus to Redemption
For any kids into graphic novels/anime, this is IT.
My boys loved this and wanted more more more .....anything about St Paul would do. Gret springboard for study of saints' lives.

                           Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate !
One of our many molds
Russell Stover's bunnies and Cadbury's creme eggs 
epitomize Easter, but you can make your own candies, adding some personalized
and home-y touches too! Plus, the Easter Bunny will probably appreciate our
assistance...he's got a lot of stops to make on Easter Eve!
I've bought Wilton candy melts in dark chocolate, of course, but 
pastel chocolates make that first peek into the baskets on Easter morn
even more festive!

Just for fun~
Here's an ollllld pic of the boys' baskets:
Easter morn 2007
Some bunny paint by numbers, treats and Bible DVDs

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The 5 Best Moments: Doctor Who Season 1 #5faves

Any excuse, any excuse at all to write on all things wibbly wobbly timey wimey....!
Well I'm just loving five faves on Wednesdays  at Jenna's......
If you're a DW fan, awesome...welcome home.....
If you're not a lover of Gallifrey....well,
maybe you'll find the fun infectious and  you'll decide to tune in!
I'm not not not a fan of sci fi/fantasy.At. All.
But I am  a fan of good-triumphs-over-evil,
of geniuses saving the world, violence-free and generally of 
the  creativity, compassion and brilliance  of the human race.
If I've lost ya, then you, my friend, need to start watching!
So just for fun, here are my Top Five Scenes of Doctor Who, season 1,

~~ In 5th place~
Rose meets The Doctor 

orange star border

~ In 4th place ~ 
"Let one go..."
 The Doctor, wisdom and a Slitheen:


orange star border

~In 3rd place~
A holographic message from the grave......a selfless act~


orange star border

~In 2nd place~
The London Blitz, String of Pearls, the Doctor Dances....
And who doesn't love Capt Jack?

orange star border

~And in 1st place~
My all-time season 1 favorite Doctor scene~~~~
Are you my Mummy???
"Give me a day like this...give me this one."
"Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once!"

                                                         orange star border

Well, I hope you had a grand Whovian  diversion here today....!
Don't forget to stop over to Jenna's for more  #5faves!
Next week? The best of season 2~! Come on back...:)

And if you are  Whovian, you might like our Dalek cake for my son's 11th birthday,
our TARIDS cake for his 10th and
 tasty pretzel-candy sonic screwdrivers as well.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Minute Friday~ Gather 3/6/15

I'm so happy to join with Kelly and the awesome, creative tribe of FMF writers.
Kelly's  word of the week:


 One boy’s huge chocolate- brown eyes peering over a splayed hand of Uno; the other’s pensive azure-blue eyes taking in a thick, juicy new novel. Sipping steaming hot cocoa following wintry sledding; icy lemonade following a summer bike ride. Bare, little boy feet slapping dewy grass at dusk on an early summer evening, catching and releasing fireflies, whoops of excitement uncontainable. 

They are there for each other, in one another's life.  Always.  Despite any harsh words sputtered,  they have their own to-be-awed bond: unspoken, understood, sublime, deep.
     Sitting side by side, one  grappling with a biology lab...... the other conquering ratios.  Immersed in Narnia, in recreating a favorite van Gogh, or in crafting an Egyptian pharaoh’s staff on a sun dappled deck hour after hour. Or just talking, sharing, shooting hoops.
I'm proud and happy and pray it will only get better.

~5 minutes are up~

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